Suspended Academic Rules and Processes in the First Semester AY 2020-2021


As per Memorandum No. OVPAA 2020-92, dated 2020 August 20, please take note of the following academic rules and processes that have been suspended:

  1. There will be no change of matriculation in the First Semester AY 2020-2021 due to the logistics of remote learning.
  2. The deadline for dropping and filing of leave of absence is suspended.
  3. A 12-unit course load will be considered a regular load.
  4. Off-hour rates for teaching are suspended.
  5. The First Semester AY 2020-2021 will not be counted towards MRR.
    (Note: Because it is the first time for students to do remote learning and they will still calibrate the course load that they can manage, especially for graduate students who are working from home and for other students who have a workload outside of their school work)
Clarification on #3.
Students may take on a course load of more than 12 units. But should a student opt to have a 12-unit load, then their laude honor prospects will not be affected.
i.e. UP Code Art. 414. “Students who are candidates for graduation with honors must have taken during each semester not less than fifteen units of credit or the normal load prescribed in the curriculum…”
(The 15-unit requirement is now lowered to 12 for the First Semester AY 2020-2021 only.)