[Memo CLDC-2017-071] Guidelines for Undergraduate Enrollment for the First Semester AY 2017-2018

Enrollment for First Semester AY 2017-2018 will proceed as scheduled from July 31, Monday, to August 4, Friday.

The following guidelines shall be observed during the registration period for Undergraduate Students, and applies only for this semester’s enrollment.

  1. Students who applied to the Student Financial Assistance (SFA) program (for Free Tuition and/or Socialized Tuition) will be asked to apply for a student loan and only pay the ₱46.50 student fund to complete the student’s registration and be reflected as fully enrolled in SAIS.
    SFA application results are expected to be released no earlier than August 4, Friday. The loan amount, thereafter, will be reassessed and students will have to pay only the tuition corresponding to their SFA classification.
    Loans paid within the four (4) month period from enrollment will not bear any interest.
  2. Students who did not apply to the SFA will proceed with the enrollment as usual. They may pay their tuition and other fees within the registration period.

For your information and guidance.

Thank you.

[Memo CLDC-2017-071] Guidelines for Undergraduate Enrollment for the First Semester AY 2017-2018

Student Loan Form here



  1. Accomplish the Student Loan Application Form, in three (3) copies. Please fill up ALL the information required. Write legibly.
  2. Total assessed fees will be the basis for the computation of the loanable amount.
  3. Have it signed by your co-debtor or guarantor. Attach a photocopy of your co-debtor’s valid ID with signature. Acceptable co-debtors are parents and relatives of the students. The spouse of married student is an acceptable co-debtor.
  4. Co-debtorship should not exceed three (3) students at a time. Co-debtors should read carefully the promissory note to acquaint him/her with the obligation he/she contracted.
  5. Submit SLA Forms to the OSA Coordinator/Guidance Services Specialists (GSS) for checking of attached documents and for approval.
  6. Submit Approved SLA Form, with attachments, and your Form 5A to the SLA Posting Staff at OSA for adjustment of school fees to be paid.
  7. Proceed to the Cash Office and pay corresponding amount.
  8. Proceed with enrollment.

Student Loan Application Form