UP College Admissions 2022

Welcome to the University of the Philippines Cebu
First Year Enrollment for Academic Year 2022-2023

Learning Delivery Modes in the First Semester AY 2022-2023

Enrolling in UP CEBU

Please fill out the UP Cebu Student Registration Form by clicking on the link.

  • The link above is for UP Cebu ONLY.
  • Successful UPCA applicants must have a FINAL Offer of Admission to a degree program in UP Cebu.
    (UPCA applicants with no confirmed degree program yet are advised to visit the DiWA Portal instead. Appeals may be done only through the DiWA Portal of the UP System Office of Admissions.)
  • Change in degree program will not be entertained outside of the DiWA Portal.
  • Requests for UPG will not be entertained.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Important Dates for UP Cebu Incoming First Year Students 2022

July 11 to August 5 🌐Submission of Online Student Registration Form
extended until August 12
July 11 to August 5 📌 Submission of Physical Copies of Requirements
extended until August 12
July 11 to August 5 Health Clearance (See Note 1)
extended until August 12
August 8 to
August 12
Online First Year Registration (See Note 3)
Read ahead the Privacy Notice for Students (See Note 2)
September 3, Saturday 1:00PM – 4:00PM, Online via Zoom
· Orientation Program for Parents
September 5, Monday First Day of Classes
9:00AM – 12:00NN, In-Person F2F
· University Orientation Program for First Year Students
start 1:30PM, in your respective colleges
· College Orientation for First Years

* Free Higher Education and RA 10931 (See Note 4)

NOTE 1. Health Clearance

As part of the post-quarantine measures following the Covid-19 pandemic, the usual Physical Examination (with laboratory examinations: Chest X-ray, CBC, and Urinalysis) as enrollment requirements shall be deferred temporarily until further notice. In lieu of the above, all incoming first years, including graduate students, CFA applicants, and transferees who will be needing a health clearance shall be asked to submit an accomplished Health Declaration Form and a Mental Health Screening Form, online. Your answers are treated with utmost confidentiality. Specific instructions are as follows:

  1. Fill out the UP Cebu Health Declaration Form and submit the accomplished form to the UP Cebu Health Services Unit (HSU) via email at [email protected].
  2. Fill out the Mental Health Screening Form and submit the accomplished form online.
    Your submitted form goes directly to the Guidance Services of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA).
  3. The UP Cebu Health Services Unit (HSU) shall clear the student and notify the Office of the University Registrar, after your submitted health declaration form and mental health screening form have been checked and verified.

For inquiries, please contact:

* You will be asked to comply with the requisite laboratory, medical, and dental examinations upon resumption of face-to-face classes.

NOTE 2. Data Privacy

Read here the full text of the Privacy Notice for Students of the University of the Philippines.

As part of the registration process, you will be asked to sign an assent form that you have read and understood the University of the Philippines’ Privacy Notice for students.

NOTE 3. Online First Year Registration

Online first year registration and submission of requirements.

Registration Step 1.

Having received your UP Admissions Offer in UP Cebu, you should start preparing for the requirements enumerated below.

Please submit the following requirements
via the 🌐online link, and
via courier or hand-carry delivery of 📌physical documents to UP Cebu OUR
starting July 11, Monday, until August 5, Friday.

🌐 Submission of online copies is required for items 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7.
📌 Submission of physical copies is required for items 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
🞹 Physical copies for items 2, 4, and 5 must be received on or before 2022 August 5, Friday.

    1. 🌐 Screenshot of your UPCA Offer of Admission, showing your Name, Campus, and Degree Program.
    2. 📌🌐 🞹One recent, colored, 2×2 photo.
    3. 📌 Official Secondary Permanent Records or Form 137 from Grade 7 to 12 bearing the signature of your principal, with school seal, and the remark: “Graduated and eligible for admission to college”.
      (May be transmitted school-to-school)
      Note: To secure your Form 137 from your school, print this Letter Request Form, fill it out, and give to your School Principal.
    4. 📌🌐 🞹High School Report Card or Form 138 bearing the signature of your principal and the remark: “Graduated and eligible for admission to college”.
    5. 📌🌐 🞹Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) or National Statistics Office (NSO) Birth Certificate (in case your name cannot be read on the certificate, please attach a copy issued by the Local Civil Registrar; if there is a difference between the name used on your report card and on your birth certificate, the name on the latter will be used). Submit a Notarized Affidavit of two disinterested persons in case of discrepancy of name.
      Note: If you cannot submit a scanned copy of your PSA or NSO Birth Certificate at this time, please submit a photo or screenshot of your written explanation on why it is so, as submission in the online portal, in place of the scanned copy of your Birth Certificate.
    6. 📌 Certificate of Good Moral Character bearing the signature of your principal or guidance counselor.
    7. 🌐 Accomplished Student Directory, with one recent, colored, 2×2 photo attached in the pdf file.
    8. Accomplished Voluntary Opt-out Form, if voluntarily opting out from the Free Higher Education privilege (See Note 4).

Other Requirements (to be accomplished but not to be submitted online with the seven requirements listed above)

    • Health clearance from the UP Cebu Clinic. (See Note 1).
    • Talent Test result, if you applied for the Fine Arts Program.
      Click here for information on the Fine Arts Program and the schedule of the Talent Determination Test (TDT). You may send them a message through their Facebook page. Other details here.
      (In the interest of the safety of all, both faculty and applicants, the Talent Determination Test (TDT) and proceeding interviews is conducted online. All forms, portfolios and supplementary documents will also be submitted digitally.)

After your online-submitted requirements have been checked and verified, the Office of the University Registrar will email to you your UP Cebu Admission Slip.


📌 Original copies of the requirements have to be submitted to the
Office of the University Registrar
Room 102, Administration Building
University of the Philippines Cebu
Gorordo Ave., Lahug, Cebu City
6000 CEBU Philippines

Registration Step 2.

Select your preferred PE and NSTP class.

Registration Step 3.

The Office of the College Secretary of your college will be processing your UP Form 5.

A – For students who are eligible and opting to avail of the Free Higher Education privilege

You will then be issued your UP Form 5, watermarked “REGISTERED”, which details your schedule of classes.

B – For students who are NOT eligible or are voluntarily opting out of the Free Higher Education privilege (See Note 4)

(You may download here the Voluntary Opt-out Form, and fill it up accordingly.)

    • Email to the OUR ([email protected]) your duly signed Voluntary Opt-out Form, if applicable, and ask to be assessed.
    • Pay your tuition and other miscellaneous school fees through Philippine Veterans Bank (21-0000-067) via online channels such as gcash, instapay, pesonet, and bank transfers.
      [If paying via GCash, please try using the old account number with 13 digits, 0021-006900-001.]

      Make sure your payment status is COMPLETED or SUCCESSFUL.
      Email your proof of payment (must include amount paidtransaction datetime, and reference number).
      For GCash transactions, make sure to enable mobile or email notifications. Attach proof of completed payment from GCash SMS or GCash Email with InstaPay Trace Number.
      Incomplete information may lead to delays or the non-processing of your enrollment as your payment could not be verified.

      See samples below for correct proof of payment.

    • You will then be issued your UP Form 5 eOR, watermarked “Officially Enrolled”, which details your schedule of classes.
Registration Step 4.

If you have a Scholarship, please fill out the Scholars Enlistment Form.

If you want to apply for the Dormitory, please fill out the Dormitory Application Form.

For inquiries on scholarships and dormitory, please contact:

And, you are done with registration!


Safekeep your UP Form 5 for your personal record during your entire duration of college.

Documents submitted to the OUR cannot be borrowed at any time. See to it that you have copies of all the documents needed and if possible, have photocopies of all the documents for your file.

NOTE 4. Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act of 2017

UP Cebu shall implement Republic Act 10931 known as the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act of 2017 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) that was approved and signed on 2018 February 22.

Anent to this are the Implementation Guidelines for the Grant of Free Tuition and Other School Fees in UP dated 2019 September 3.

Opting Out of Free Tuition

UP Cebu students may also voluntarily opt out from availing the Free Tuition privilege. Should this be the decision, after submitting a duly accomplished Voluntary Opt-out Form, the student will pay the full tuition and other fees, as his/her contribution to the University.

Please refer to the Implementation Guidelines for the Grant of Free Tuition and Other School Fees in UP (pages 12-15) for the steps in the Opt-Out process.

    • College of Communication, Art, and Design
      • Certificate in Fine Arts (Product Design)
      • Certificate in Fine Arts (Studio Arts)
      • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Product Design)
      • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Studio Arts)
      • Bachelor of Arts in Communication
    • College of Science
      • Bachelor of Science in Biology
      • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
      • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
      • Bachelor of Science in Statistics
    • College of Social Sciences
      • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
      • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
    • School of Management
      • Bachelor of Science in Management

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